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About PAS

      Conveniently located at the center of Bangkok City, SnowTech occupies a total of 56,000 sq.ft. at this site. Erected on this piece of land, the manufacturing facilities covers more than 16,000 sq.ft., having ample of space for its operation .
      Snow Tech was founded in 1996 by a group of Hong Kong industrialists. Supported by a team of experienced local work force, the company is at its best managed by a Hong Kong professional group, both in manufacturing and engineering.

Ability :
      SnowTech has long developed metal stamping as its core business while serving the market with total metal parts solutions, from skill demanding tool design & fabrication to customer specified surface finishing.

      We have equipped ourselves with sophisticated tool shop capability to support customers with precision tools and short lead-time mold fabrication.

      Diversifying from its expertise in metal processing, SnowTech stamps also consigned plastic sheets and aluminum plates, mainly used in control and display panels.

      From design to delivery, SnowTech works closely with customers to develop metal parts that seamlessly integrate into their products and smoothly match with their manufacturing processes.

      Our versatility in tool fabrication and process engineering enables us in providing a wide range of products. From precision metal components in electronics to heavy duty mounting brackets in automotive industry, SnowTech stays reputable in its field and invariably supplies metal stamping products that are always cost and quality competitive.